• Imelda May - Johnny got a boom boom



    He got me with a hook
    Those big bass notes
    Thunder in my chest
    Stuck in my throat
    Pulling me down
    Like a rumble in the ground
    Crawls up from the depths
    With a deep down sound

    Johnny got a boom boom
    Johnny got a bam
    He got a...

    Big bomb body
    Lonely neck
    Swear it was a woman
    That he had in his grip
    Big vibrations, yeah
    Just one glance
    He'd gonna blow my mind
    He's gonna make me wanna
    Make me wanna, oh

    Watch that man
    See what's in his hands
    Got no joy
    He's a big bad boy

    He's gonna freak you out
    You're gonna shriek out loud
    He's got you in his hands
    He's gonna make you wanna
    Make you wanna, oh


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